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We are the Stuntwomen's

Association of Motion Pictures!

“The Stuntwomen's Association members are some of the best in the world, they bring amazing talent & knowledge to our sets…” - JR 

We can help you in every aspect of your project, from pre-production planning, to top notch execution on shoot days, we will help you achieve the aciton your vision requires.

Over 50 Years Experience!

Stunt Consulting Services

Let's Meet and Discuss Your Vision!

Thanks for attending our Annual Bowling Tournament! See you next year!


Our Services

Stunt Coordination

Stunt Coordinators are normally experienced performers who are hired on a show to cast stunt  performers and arrange the action for film, television and video game productions.  They develop, budget for and choreograph stunt sequences to fit the Director & Scripts Vision.

Stunt Driving

Sometimes referred to as Vehicular Stunts, these stunts require extensive skill and training! We provide some of the world's Top Female Stunt Drivers and Teachers in the entertainment industry.   From easy 360's to Full Car Chases, our Stuntwomen have you covererd!

Stunt Rigging

Stunt Rigging is extremely complext and crucial in many action scenes you see in film 7 television today.  From flying across vast spaces to bringing a super human's power to screen, having a great rigger or rigging team is important.  Many of our members are fluid in this skillset. 

Stunt Performing

Having a great stuntwoman performer a scene with power and elegance, can really help your audience believe what they are seeing.  Our members not only have powerful screen presence, they can equally bring characters to life with a powerful performance.

Stunt Doubling

Protecting your lead actresses is crucial to finishing your show, obviously.  This is why a strong, athletic member of our association is just what you need.  This is what we do, and we love it! Take a look at our members and let us double your actress in those dangerous scenes.

Action Acting / Dialogue

Why hire an actress and then a separate double when you can hire a Stuntwoman who is trained in acting & dialogue.  This can save you time and money.  We have numerous members with extensive Actress Credits in major film & television shows.  Contact us today!


Contact Us Today!

"We are here to help you create great, realistic Action Art.  Nothing is impossible and together we are strong!"

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